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The people shown below are serving PBPC on the ministry teams or committees of session.  Pastor Alan Deuel serves as an ex officio member on each of these entities except Endowment.

Nominating Committee
Chair, Phil Winston, Darrell Ledford (2016), Darrell Cornell (2016), John Melbourne (2016), and Ty Smith (2016)

Finance Ministry Team
Chair, Karl Schmid, Jane Kay, Steve Ritz, and Luke Cowell

Christian Education Ministry Team
Chair, Caroline Matthews, Chrissie Teeling, Ty Smith, and (ex-officio member) Robert Gerow

Preschool Ministry Team 
Chair, Caroline Matthews, A. J. Hubner, Steve Ritz, Jane Kay and (ex-officio member) Brigitte Blazys

Personnel Ministry Team
Chair, Carol Sorenson, Barbara McDonald, Larry Patterson, and Scott Matthews

Buildings & Grounds Ministry Team 
Chair, Clark McEuen, Darrell Cornell, Jim Stahl, George Shoemaker, Neil Charette, and (ex-officio members) Meri Murch and Chris Woodruff

Stewardship Commitment Ministry Team 
Chair, Phil Winston, Nancy Deuel, Helen Sterling, Judi Hauser, and Laura Rinaldi

Worship & Music Ministry Team 
Chair, Tammy McEuen, Larry Cox, Polly Imus, Rubyanna Staunton, and (ex-officio members) Esther Jordan and Grant Kay

Outreach & Mission Ministry Team
Chair, Luke Cowell, Dr. Henry Payne, Kristin Hunter, Steve Ritz, and Nancy Deuel (Deacon Representative)

Endowment Committee
Chair, George Shoemaker, Tammy McEuen, John Melbourn, Jayne Haines, George Aitcheson, and Michael Hyat (Advisor Representative)