Our Pastor


A note from Rev. Steve Locke, Interim Pastor...

I recently retired after 41 years of service; spending my last 18 years at First Presbyterian of El Cajon. It has been a meaningful adventure in which both Chris, my wife, and I have discovered many new friends and an ever-growing experience with God. Both of us grew up in Baldwin Park, a small town in the San Gabriel Valley. We went to the same schools and had many of the same friends. It wasn’t until we were in college that we experienced the love of Jesus and committed our life to search out his desire for us. We were married shortly after we started our spiritual journey with Jesus. After college, and a brief time in Switzerland studying, I started seminary where my call to ministry was confirmed and I fell in love with theology. I continue to read, write and teach the insights that have come from years of prayerful discovery discerning God’s activity of redemption and liberation. 

During our journey Chris and I have raised three children—Justin, Nathan and Ashley. They have all become wonderful contributors to the world through their compassionate work of education, the development of people and making sure this planet survives. I have come to learn much from them through their perspectives as young people. We have recently become grandparents and are expecting our second grandchild in December. I look forward to watching the contributions of this new generation of young people. I imagine there will be many changes afoot in the years to come. Exciting.

I think you will find me diligent, patient and deliberate in the way I lead. I enjoy making things happen and working with others to achieve new visions and programs. I also find teaching and preaching energizing and refreshing. I get excited when I discover something new in the text I hadn’t anticipated. I hope you will, too.

In the Peace of the Lord,
Rev. Dr. Steve Locke